Apply for a warranty for your Pizza Maker at Home Product

Apply for a warranty for your Pizza Maker at Home Product

Please read the conditions of the Pizza Maker at Home warranty carefully.

Warranty Conditions

1.Warranty void if unit tampered with.
2.Warranty does not cover broken stone base.
3.Warranty does not cover accessories.
4.Warranty does not cover non-stick deep dish cooking pan.
5.Warranty does not cover postage for oven returned to us.

Please retain a copy of the purchase receipt as proof of purchase.

We will guarantee this product against defects caused by faulty workmanship and materials for six months domestic use. During this Warranty period PIZZA MAKER AT HOME will REPLACE any defective product.

PIZZA MAKER AT HOME reserves the right to make minor adjustments instead of replacing the product.

Packaging instructions will not be replaced unless faulty.

Subject to your statutory rights as to the merchantable quality of the product or accessory In the event of a product being replaced during the Warranty, the Warranty on the replacement will expire at the original date i.e. 6 months from the original purchase date.

This Warranty excludes defects caused by the product not being used in accordance with the instructions, accidental damage, misuse or being tampered with by unauthorised persons.

The replacement Warranty also excludes breakages and consumable items such as the deep-dish pan cutter and paddles.

This Warranty covers only units sold in South Africa.


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By submitting this form you agree to our conditions of the warranty described above. This form will not submit unless the tick box is ticked as per your agreement of the Warranty Conditions of Pizza Maker at Home.

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