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Pizza Maker at Home for Quality Electric Pizza Ovens

"5 minute pizza express"

Pizza Maker at Home is a leading supplier of quality electric pizza ovens which can be used both at home and commercial purposes. The Pizza Maker at Home online shopping section features a number of Electric Pizza Ovens that you can order online.

Why opt for an Electric Pizza Oven by Pizza Maker at Home?

  • Our ovens are the Ferrari of all other pizza makers.
  • Our electric pizza oven has a refactory stone - which gives the pizza the same taste as the original Italian woodburning oven pizza's.
  • Our pizza ovens are compact, portable and easy to store - Ideal for camping.
  • Cooks a pizza more quickly and evenly than a conventional oven. 
  • Our Pizzas are ready in only 5 Minutes - using fresh or frozen pizza's
  • Our Pizzas have a crispy base.
  • Electronic timers with visible and audible indicators on some models eliminate luck and guesswork from cooking the perfect pizza
  • Our pizza ovens are convenient and user friendly
  • Our pizza ovens are versatile and multifunctional - you can make a variety of dishes in the the oven in a very short time, which saves on your electricity bill.
  • Generator friendly for all the "black-out" days
  • Use it to cook any dish you can make in an oven - also make your own tasty "banting" pizza

On this website you will find electric pizza ovens that are perfect for a family and for someone who is very serious about his pizza. Check out the video below.

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We stock a wide variety of Electric Pizza Makers from G3Ferrari Italy








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